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Where: Morgan Recreational Centre, Crowthorne
When: 7:30pm
Type: 4 Mile Run

Every second Wednesday of the month we hold our handicap run around Broadmoor. This is a 4 mile run over the same route every time, the aim being to better your time each month. The person who improves their handicap time by the greatest margin wins the Handicap Cup for that month. At the end of the year the best times for each runner are used to award 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for the handicap series.
Map to Morgan Recreational Centre, Crowthorne
Map of the Route

2019 Results

2018 Handicap Winners

Congratulations to 2018's winners!

1st Colin Carpenter
2nd Martin Steadman
3rd Blanche Barnes

2018 Results

2017 Handicap Winners

Congratulations to 2017's winners!

1st Martin Steadman
2nd= Jim Laidlaw
2nd= Royston Crandley

2017 Results

2016 Handicap Winners

Congratulations to 2016's winners!

1st= Jim Laidlaw
1st= Emy Circuit
3rd Dave O'Toole

2016 Results

2015 Handicap Winners

Congratulations to 2015's winners!

1st= Gerry Mepham
1st= Helen Vizard
3rd Jim Laidlaw

2015 Results