General-Thursday - Erol Ali

Erol Ali


Where: Sandhurt Memorial Car Park
When: 7:30pm
Type: Threshold / Improvers Run

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Ideally the threshold run is run at a steady effort just a little slower than your 10k race pace, which should feel 'comfortably hard'. Threshold runs are an excellent way for runners to build speed and strength, especially when combined with intervals training. The run takes place on set fixed routes. There is no looping on these runs to try and encourage steady running and imitate conditions closer to racing. Small groups of different paces are led to help those that do not know the way or are looking to try and improve their pace.
It can be extremely rewarding to lead a small group so please let Erol know before a run if you'd like to volunteer to do so.
Runs are on road in the winter and off road in the summer. The distance varies from 7.5-9 miles.
Current led groups are suitable for those who can run 10:30 min/mile and quicker. If you would like to start a slower group please let us know and we will be happy to show and teach you the routes (and the short cuts!)