General-Tuesday - Andy Hazell

Andy Hazell

First Tuesday of the month

Where: Morgan Recreation Park, Crowthorne
When: 6:30pm
Type: Club Run / RunWalk

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Starts at the Morgan Recreation Park, Crowthorne.
Map to Morgan Recreation Park, Crowthorne


Where: Sandhurst Memorial Park
When: 6:25pm
Type: Club Run & Run-Walk

Similar to the club run but with multiple groups to cater for all abilities from beginners through to faster and more experienced runners. It's perfect for novices and those coming back from injury or a long lay-off because you can start with an easy group and work your way upwards.
Map to Sandhurst Memorial Park

Where: The Tythings, Yateley
When: 7:30pm
Type: Intervals

Short, intense efforts followed by recovery time (eg. 6 sets of 3 minute efforts followed by 30 seconds rest or gentle jogging) designed to build speed and endurance. Typically run over a short fixed route with an effort out and back. Each runner will cover a different distance but everyone will naturally regroup at recovery points during the session, making it suitable for all abilities.
Map to The Tythings, Yateley